Adopt an Orphan

Caring for AIDS orphaned children of Uganda

Foster Home Children – In this program, a Donor “adopts” one or more specific children at $350 per year per child. The donations provide care, support and education in foster homes. The adopted child’s name, picture and profile are provided to the donor. Continuing the children’s care and education through high school is a prime objective.

Adopt-An-Orphan - 3 Children
Adopt 3 children for $1050
Adopt-An-Orphan - 2 Children
Adopt 2 children for $700
Adopt-An-Orphan - 1 Child
Adopt 1 child for $350
Adopt-An-Orphan - Other Amount
Contribute to the Adopt-an-Orphan program

You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover), bank transfer (where available), or PayPal. We use PayPal for our on-line financial transactions because they are safe, secure, and have the lowest transaction cost of any major provider.

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