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Benjamin and Benjamin

In 2004, this orphan, Benjamin B, six years old, was chosen from our Christmas Giving Tree by one of our supporters, also named Benjamin and about the same age (Ben A). After our Benjamin's family had made their Christmas gift and received back a letter and a picture from Benjamin B, Ben A sent a gift from his own piggy bank. (We had to count out the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters!) The following is Benjamin B's return letter:

Benjamin A., One of the children we care for in Uganda

Dear Ben A.,

Once again, thank you for your letter I received on 16-3-04 and I was happy to see the pictures of white friends in our family. I thank God.

Me, I stay with my mother only. She is always sick with cancer and anytime can pass away. My father died two years ago. Continue to pray for me.

I am second born in our family. We are four children, two girls and two boys. I am in primary one. I like to play games, football and run. I like to learn all subjects. After school, I fetch water, help my mother plant soya beans and looking after a goat.

The money you sent to me I bought clothes, books, pencils and other needs. The school is a bit far, so I get up early. Pray for me to study well. I sent to you an Easter card. I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.

Your friend,
Benjamin B.

And here is an excerpt from a letter from Benjamin B's mother, in the same mail:

Benjamin A., One of our highly valued sponsors.Dear Ben A,

I am Benjamin's mother and I was very happy to have a friend like you in our family. At his school no one has a white friend like him. So I thank you Ben's mother and the family for your love and kindness. May God add you more blessings.

Sincerely yours,
Benjamin's mother


February 25, 2004

Simon Says: "Thank You" for the Christmas Giving Program. Shoes, clothing, books, and other practical gifts were purchased with donations to our Christmas Giving Program. Parishioners at St. Joan of Arc Church in West Los Angeles, California (USA) made individual gifts (generally, $20 each) to sponsor this important UAOCF project. In its first year (2004), their generosity touched the lives of 138 children in the Kabale Diocese of southwestern Uganda, including that of seven-year-old Simon:

Dear Mr. Smith:

Praise be God our Father for you and the family at large. Receive kind and warm greetings from Kabale and Uganda in general. May God bless you in all you are doing for his people in America and in Uganda, particularly for your son Simon. Allow me, on behalf of your son Simon and his mother, to sincerely thank you for the Christmas gift of $20, which is 88,500 Uganda shillings. The mother used the money to buy the young man a mattress, which he now uses. Indeed, the young man is very happy and very grateful. He is an orphan. His father died when he was one year old. He has just joined a primary school, so he is unable to write himself, but I hope that next time, he will do it himself. Thank you very much for your great assistance to Simon. Extend our appreciation to the family and friends. We wish you success in serving God's people. On behalf of Simon and his mother, I am,

Fr. Kibuuka B. Ambrose, Bishop's House, Kabale


This is an excerpt from a letter we received from a sixteen-year old girl who did not have a sponsor at the time she wrote to us and who received funding from our general fund:

Dear Sir/Madam:

I want to thank you what you have done this term for paying my school fees, school sweater and Christmas gifts. I tell you that the teacher for math and physics told us to buy calculators, but we didn’t have money. What can we do? If I had money, I would come to visit you in the holiday. Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

Vastina T.

Vastina sent us her report card, which showed that she was doing poorly in math, and was improving in physics. She now has a sponsor and we hope she will continue to improve in school.


Patricia, Another one of the children we care for in UgandaDear sponsor, how are you? Thank you for paying for my school fees. Thank you for your help and my marks were as follows at the end of the examination:

English             14
Science 50
Math 56
Social Studies 55

And my position was the 15th out of 58 children. I am very grateful for your hard work and I wish you continue doing the same. I love you so much and I was promoted to PS. My name is Muhayimana Patricia and may God bless you forever. I love you.

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